Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jansen's newest trick!

It's really easy to get what you want... One, open oven door.
Two, reeeeaach
Three EAT! Never mind the sharp knife mom leaves just lying about...
I must say I was in the other room nursing Mitchell and I could hear Jansen climbing around. He has learned to push a chair over to the freezer and pull everything out of the freezer and throw it on the floor. AND he can open the oven for a quicker step stool and stir ANY pan. This kid is just too smart!


  1. What a smart little stinker! :) Doesn't it freak you out when he opens the oven door? Cohen does that, too. I wish I could lock mine when I'm baking...I'm always scared he'll open it when it's hot!

    P.S. Is that homemade granola?? Mmm!

  2. These boys are trouble...I tell ya! Nicholas has learned to maneuver his little chair around the kitchen as well and loves to get himself "snacks" out of the pantry, which usually results in disasters!!! I have never heard of a kid using the oven door to get what he wants. Actually, that is pretty brilliant! What a funny kid...and smart too! He's super cute!

  3. Why do they always wait until you are nursing to start getting into things? He is so cute. I LOVE your family pictures. You all look so good. I have to say, I was secretly hoping that Jake would get a job back here in Utah, so that I could go to him. Californa is kind of a commute though :) It sounds like it will be a great opportunity for your family. Miss you guys!

  4. Hi Kelli, I was just playing a little catch up on your blog and so happy to see all those beautiful pictures of your family. Also, I think it's great that you are moving to California. It looks like a fun location near some of the beautiful California mountians. There will be a lot for you to explore in that area. Good luck to you with your move and congrats on finding a great job.

  5. Kelly your kid is a genius! Just like his mamma! congrats in the move to Cali! I'm jeleous. Can I come visit?