Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Photos

I wasn't going to post these family photos, but as ordered, here they are. A girl named Alicia took our photos and I think she did an awesome job! Click on her link if you want to see US on her blog! If you're in the Richmond area, I highly suggest you call her! (Thanks for the recommendation Merilee!)

The picture of Jansen is my personal favorite! No one can capture his smile... little stinker. But look at those lips!!!
Love the creamy colors here, and Reesa looks happy despite the fact that she did NOT want to smile either...
Mitchell, you can just tell how sweet and special he is.
Modern, fun background... what I was looking for.

Me and Jake. We haven't had our pictures taken together since we were engaged! How did we do it? We buckled our kids in their car seats, turned on a movie, gave them suckers and popcorn and quickly snapped some shots of just us right before we left.

What's your fav?


  1. great pics. love reeca's little boots, how cute. after our next baby i think i'm going to need to finally pay someone for some good pics of our family.

  2. R's creamy photo, love the edit. You have a beautiful family.

  3. I love them all- and as a photographer myself I think it's unacceptable that you haven't had pictures taken since you were engaged!!! If I have to come to California myself, this will not happen again! Although I have a great friend in San Diego who took our family picture on the beach and she is amazing!

  4. I love all of them, too! Very cool location and you guys all look cute. I LOVE the idea about buckling all the kids in to do some shots of yourself. I'm totally going to do that.

  5. so beautiful!!!!! hope they make the christmas card so i can have one hanging on my fridge. :)

  6. Awesome photos! I love the vintage look of the one of Reesa. Oh, and CONGRATS on your move to California being OFFICIAL! Woohoo! Good luck!

  7. Wow!!! What awesome family photos!!! And what a great idea to pop in a movie for the kiddos! Brilliant! I can't pick a favorite- they are all so good!!!

  8. Well, that adorable family pic has got to be my favorite, but I love all of them! Beautiful.

  9. Kellie:


    Dad Geyer

  10. Kell:

    Jake is a combo of Jansen and Mitchie.

    We are now days away from hugging ALL of you. God Speed!


  11. Hey Kellie, I can't get over the one of Reesa, she is beautiful and so grown up. And I agree, the blue modern background in your family pic is perfect. Aren't awesome family pictures the best?

    Em Johnson

  12. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful, beautiful family. I love Reesa's boots especially. She look so grown up and is so beautiful! They all turned out wonderfully. That Jansen is very handsome and Mitchell is adorable.

    I just read you're moving to California!!! I'm still trying to figure out how much closer you are to ME now!!! I hope all goes well with the move. Welcome back to the West Coast! Keep us posted on everything. That is great you'll have Jennifer to help you get adjusted. You guys will have so much fun together!!! I hope you just LOVE it!

  13. Lookin' good!
    Those photos look great! (And thanks for the tip on how to get some couple shots! ;) My favorite one is the one further down on your blog of Mitchell sitting on your lap. So cute! (I hope you print some of those and frame 'em! ;)

  14. I LOVE them all (and Alicia is one of my very good friends out here-her husband is a 2nd yr just like sky-small world) any who I just read ur post about moving to ca and I LOVED the picture of u and mitchell at the bottom-u look sooo beautiful! and nice necklace too!

  15. Kel-The pics looked great! Your three kids are super cute!
    So-I laughed-10 cause she is my 10th child-funny Kel. No-call my kids by numbers-their ages. So I have 10-8 and 5. I know, I'm a freak-what can I say!
    Congrats on the move! Yea-closer to utah. When you come to visit-make sure we can get together and chat!

  16. Kellie! OMG!! I love your pic.s ! I exspecially love the one in front of the blue door! I love your hair! And your kids look so cute! What a beautiful family! CAn't wait to see you...
    Love ya! Simone

  17. Kellie
    Just read about you guys moving! I am happy for you and hope everything goes great!! You guys are so CUTE in you new pics! So fun, and yes I too am loving your hair! So pretty on you!
    Love ya,