Monday, September 21, 2009

Maymont Park

The weather here has been gorgeous! No humidity, and warm and pleasant. We went on a picnic to Maymont Park.
LOOK at how beautiful this park is! I love it!
We went to the bald eagle exhibit, see Jansen petting that eagle?
I took this picture after we left, and since I'm really far away I took the liberty of circling the eagle for you to see. Isn't that amazing?
I had Jake take this picture because I'm sure everyone thought we looked ridiculous trying to manage 3 kids. Although I must say this picture makes it look like I've got it together. ha ha
(most of the time ALL of the kids were in 2 strollers, here we had to climb LOTS of stairs so Jake hauled everything)

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  1. You do look like you have it all together, AND you look like you have lost ALL of your baby weight!! How ever did you do it? You guys all look great! Glad to see Mitchell out and about with the family. What a miracle.