Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandma Geyer visits

Time gets away and I'm so much further behind with blogging than I want to be, so I'll have to do this in baby steps, so just stay tuned for the last months updates...
Jake's mom Lenora came to visit and it was very nice for me to have someone to visit with. She got to meet baby Mitchell, and we were excited to show him off! Here's some of the fun things that happened.
Of course Jansen had to get a new cut, scrape, and bruise, BUT the kicker..., Jansen found (or took down) a hole in our fence! Our yard backs a busy road, which makes this situation SO SCARY! Luckily Brinley ran after Jansen and Reesa came back to tell Grandma Geyer Jansen escaped. Grandma was already in the backyard reading! This kid is so sneaky! We're so lucky he's still here!
Brinley and Reesa
Grandma Geyer goes out and fixes the fence herself! I tell ya, life is one adventure.

Grandma took the kids on a walk to the lake in the HOT HUMID weather!

Happy kids
Jansen loves to lay in the pool. Who does this?
We went to the Children's Museum, and had so much fun we bought a season pass. (Plus they make it so affordablely tempting you almost have to!)
Me and my little man

Thanks for coming Grandma Geyer!

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  1. Fun, fun, Fun! I have been wanting to come for a long time now! But I figured I wouldn't full-on stalk u since u have had so much going on...I figured if/when u needed me u'd let me know-just glad that the time for a visit has come!!! Belle actually has an eye & nasal infection that just got diagnosed today so with the help of antibiotics we will probably be able to come either late this week (friday) or early next week depending on how she is! But how are u doing??? Call me anytime and we'll chat!