Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hawaii May 2013

Jake and I are celebrating our 10  year anniversary this year, so we took a trip to Hawaii... just the two of us.  I was only a few months pregnant and so super sick.  We didn't get to do nearly everything we wanted, but we hit all the highlights!  It was especially nice for me to just have to take care of myself and focus on shoving crackers in my mouth to keep from puking instead of having to take care of all my other kids too!  It was the perfect get away we so desperately wanted (and maybe needed too)!

Jake was a good sport about everything.  Since I was feeling so yucky, we didn't get to do a TON of stuff, but we still did LOTS!
 Our direct flight from Fresno to Oahu!  Totally awesome!!!
 We arrived and I had to eat ASAP.  So we ate at PF Chang's... Our favorite authentic Hawaiian cuisine!  lol
The next day we got up early to be at Pearl Harbor by 7 am.  We heard not all tickets are available later in the day and we didn't want any of the tickets to sell out.

 Oh, we're so funny!!!  

 At Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor.

 Super yummy Japanese food where you grill it yourself. Reminded me of the melting pot, just way more meat, and way more Jake's style! Delicious!!!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!!  YUM!

The next day we went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  Again we got up to leave by 7 am and didn't come back til 3.  I was so prego and EXHAUSTED!!!  Jake had to hike to get us lunch at a snack shop and didn't know what I could (would) eat so he seriously bought one of everything because he didn't want to make that hike twice!!!  What a thoughtful guy!  

 We seriously tried to do everything!!!  We rented a car for the day and crammed in a session here at the La'ie Hawaii Temple! A bonus since we didn't have to pay extra for babysitting!!! 
Then we headed over to the PCC to spend the rest of the day there.
 Polynesian Cultural Center luau!!! Such yummy food, those purple rolls were sweet and super delicious! My fav, was the salmon, Jake's the mango chicken!
We stayed and watched all the shows including the fire dancers!
Here is the beautiful Marriott where we stayed the first 5 days.  

We went to hike to a waterfall and when we stopped the car look who hopped in...

Jake being Jake...

Then yummy shaved ice at the end.
For the last 2 nights of our stay we stayed at the Kahala.  It was amazing (but super $$$$, so we only stayed 2 nights!)  One of the funnest things... They put out slippers at our bedside each night with turndown service.  There were also dolphins you could swim with and it's own private beach.

        We had a great time falling in love all over again!  xoxo

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