Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seriously how did I miss an entire year of stuff???  So catch up from a year ago...

 Jansen had a birthday and turned 4!  He had so much fun leading the music as everyone sang Happy Birthday!  We invited lots of friends over and had a big BBQ and swim party.

 Jansen got a new spider man bike. But of course his "bugs" were his favorite present!  See he never put those squishy toys down!

We competed in the smokey Bear race.  Reesa was surprisingly fast and won 2nd in her age group!
Look at her stride... both feet off the ground, she was moving!
My kids had never even watched a race, so they weren't too sure what to do.  Jansen was cheering everyone on who passed him, yelling "go, go go!"  Jake told me I was slowing Jansen down and he would have won.  I guess I'm not competitive enough!

Luckily for my kids Jake took first place on the 10k in his age group too, so both my kids went home with a trophy!

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