Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween party!

Jake's sister Allison is so creative, she throws an amazing Halloween party every year, and 2011 we down for it.  Jake and I went as the "tooth"- "fairy." We also had a witch, bat, and skelton.

 Jim and Lenora, superfan, and I love Lucy.
 Some of the amazing decorations Allison painted... Jansen and cousin Clark modeling...
 Jim, Cameron, and Jake
 Girls in Jake's family Lynsey, Lenora, Allison, and me!
 Jake won the donut on a string eating contest!!!  I'm so proud!
 Cousin Katie and Reesa
I'm always sad at the lack of pictures I come home with.  There were so many cute costumes, and decorations, how did I not get pictures of them all???  I guess that's what happens when you're taking care of babies!  :)

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  1. How fun is that! I love it! Glad you got to go and had so much fun!